Homework HelpHomework is designed to help students practice material and improve their skills, but when a student has difficulty with material or it has not been covered adequately in class, homework can become more of a frustration than help. If parents are unable to help with the homework, it is even more frustrating. That’s where homework help sites come in handy. These homework help sites below are designed to make homework less stressful so students can focus on learning.

Infoplease Homework Center – Find resources and information on all major subjects, help with writing skills and general reference resources. Use the FAQ’s and Ask the Experts sections for answers to specific homework questions.

Chatterbee’s Homework Help Center – Utilize the material contained on the subject-specific help pages or access the RocketBee Web Search and Invisible Web Search tools to access multiple search engines in one place.

B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper – Access hundreds of free websites organized by topic in order to find the help you need to complete your homework.

Discovery Education’s Student Resources – Find homework help for English, math, science and social studies through Discovery Education’s Student Resources section. The section also features interactive games and WebMATH, a tool for helping solve troublesome math problems.

The Internet Public Library for Kids – All of the resources that can be found in your local library and many more can be accessed through the Internet Public Library. Conduct research, review topics and play games to help with homework.

Homework Spot – Ask questions, play games and puzzles and find links and games related to popular homework topics at Homework Spot. Resources are arranged by grade-level and subject.

Yahoo! Kids Studyzone – In the Studyzone you can watch videos, answer polls and use Yahoo!’s resources and search features to find all of the answers you need. Use the Ask Earl feature to get an answer to a specific question or see what other kids have asked.

Scholastic Homework Hub – Conduct research, find guides for writing papers and learn basic study skills through the Homework Hub. You will also learn from the weekly study tip posted by actual students and benefit from the study aids, such as the Flash Card Maker.

Jiskha Homework Help – Post a question and get an answer from a live tutor. Over 200 qualified tutors volunteer to answer questions on a regular basis.

Tutor.com – Many local libraries offer free live homework help through Tutor.com. Check with your local library to see if you can access this on-the-spot homework help. Military families also receive free tutoring services and homework help from Tutor.com.

Homework HelpKeep in mind that homework help sites are not designed to complete homework for kids. They are created to make it easier for kids to explain key material and help them find the resources they need to successfully complete their homework. Not only will kids find what they need to complete their homework, but they may find some other neat information and resources to further their learning.