The Family Education Network (FEN) has developed a virtual world for kids called Poptropica. Play games, go on quests and interact with kids from around the world in this safe environment. Kids can travel to different islands and will enjoy exploring the virtual world offered by Poptropica.

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The WebKinz world is a great place to learn and play! Kids will learn lots of fun facts, get help with writing, problem solving and much more! Much of the site is based on the popular WebKinz animals. You must have a WebKinz pet code to enter and play. Continue reading


Come into this fairytale, magical world filled with games, adventures and friends. The games at JumpStart.com are designed to make math, reading and critical thinking fun. A unique twist to the fun is that many of the games are in 3D to give kids a more realistic experience. Continue reading

KungFu Panda World

Become a kung fu master in this virtual world based on the popular Kung Fu Panda movies. Play games related to kung fu and earn sashes to mark your accomplishments. Interact and chat with other players. Continue reading

Nickelodeon’s Club

Nick.com has created The Club, a 3D virtual world, where kids can be creative, hang out, and connect with other kids online. In The Club, kids can design their own rooms, visit other interactive rooms and watch videos while chatting with each other. Parents will appreciate knowing all of the interaction takes place in a kid safe environment. Continue reading

Club Penguin

All parents want their kids to play in a fun and safe environment, especially while online. With an affordable membership fee, your kids will not only enter the cool Club Penguin community, where they will play and have fun, but they will also learn how to make a difference and help others in their communities. Continue reading


Through Neopets, kids explore the virtual world of Neopia. They can play games, chat with kids from around the world and engage in other entertaining activities. Create and customize your own neopet and design a neopet storage shed. Check out the calendar for special events in the world of Neopia. Continue reading


In SqwishLand, kids can have the ability to play games, create artwork and interact with others. Purchase goods using virtual currency to customize your world. Enter contests for artwork and other creations. Win prizes and have fun in this safe virtual world.

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With its fairy tale feel, Kidlandia will appeal to kids of all ages. Travel around Planet Kidlandia, the fourth planet from the sun and interact with the Kreechurs. Lend a helping hand to the world or become a ruler over some of the land. Kidlandia gives worthy children the opportunity to learn and play in its virtual world. Continue reading

Secret Builders

Designed by children, parents, teachers and other educators, Secret Builders offers a virtual world designed for children from ages 5 to 14. In this virtual world, children learn and develop new skills as they interact with one another, accept quests, take care of a pet and set up a home. Continue reading