Teachers with Apps

Teachers With Apps is the premiere site for educational app discovery. Their mission is to give parents, teachers, grandparents and caregivers sound recommendations for apps that are truly exceptional. They have high standards for what they consider to be brilliant apps and field-test every app with a cross-section of kids before giving it the TWA stamp of approval. Continue reading

The Children’s Book Council

The CBC seeks to provide the right tools to help teachers promote reading. Check out the reading lists to find books to use in your classroom or to get parents to read with their children. Visit the site regularly to see new featured books for children at different levels.

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Read Write Think

Read Write Think is an outstanding resource for teachers. It provides useful tools and materials for virtually every grade level. Lesson plans are standards-based and often spur critical thinking skills in students. Manipulatives and interactive resources are available to accompany many of the lesson plans as well.

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Teacher’s Network

Teachnet strives to help teachers integrate web-based lessons into their curriculum. This thorough site also features videos for teachers, online courses and other resources designed just for teachers. Browse the site to find ideas for your own classroom or catch up on the latest news and research in the world of education. Continue reading


Anything you need to know about the education industry, you will find here. Stay informed about the world of education through news, blogs, discussions and more. Participate in webinars and hold discussions about hot-button issues to keep yourself up-to-date and active in the world of education. Continue reading


Curriki is a non-profit education community created by the Global Education and Learning Community. With the idea of helping school systems reduce costs, Curriki provides free and open resources for all grades and subjects. The resources are designed to help liberate educators from static teaching methods and help them bring innovation into their classrooms on a daily basis, consequently increasing student achievement. Continue reading

Apples for the Teacher

Judy Miller believes that entertainment is a crucial part of the learning process. With this idea in mind she developed Apples for the Teacher, which includes interactive learning games, quizzes, and worksheet generators. Resources are grouped by themes and subjects, including math, creative arts, foreign languages and science. Continue reading


In 2000, after retiring, Sandy Kemsley created ABCteach to continue communicating her passion for teaching as well as her educational knowledge. ABCteach has now become a global educational resource, featuring interactive games, videos, fun activities and worksheets. The resources cover a range of subjects for students in Pre-K through middle school.

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