Yahoo! Kids: Science

Yahoo! Kids: Science manages to teach science in an entertaining way. Kids can play games, watch music videos and read jokes while learning about science. They can also get homework help and explore a comprehensive encyclopedia. Continue reading

Energy Kids

Learn about energy in a fun environment. Discover where energy comes from and how best to conserve it. Solve puzzles and riddles, conduct experiments and discover other ways to have fun while learning about energy. For teachers, the website offers energy calculators and a glossary.

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Mr. Nussbaum

Greg Nussbaum has taken his teachings to another level by creating a wide variety of educational games and interactive presentations. In the area of science, his materials focus on living organisms. Use the Mammal Maker or Insect Generator to learn about these types of animals. Explore animal habitats, world biomes and space through other interactive resources. Continue reading

Discovery Kids – Science

Visit the Discovery Kids Science Shop to find a multitude of resources to use to teach science. From models and microscopes to experiments inspired by the popular show MythBusters, you will find a ton of engaging activities to help children learn to enjoy science. The products offered by Discovery Kids may also inspire you to create your own versions. Continue reading

American Museum of Natural History

As one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions, The American Museum of Natural History website features science news, bulletins, videos, podcasts and a research library. From forest fires to Darwin’s theories, AMNH online covers a wide range of scientific topics. The content is best suited for older children, teens and adults. Continue reading

Cool Science for Curious Kids

From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Cool Science for Curious Kids invites kids to explore biology. Read about different types of mammals and reptiles. Learn about what makes up the air. Build a salad and learn about its components. The website offers real-life application for biological concepts. Continue reading