Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a helpful resource for teachers and parents when it comes to teaching kids how to read. It includes strategies for reading comprehension and other resources related to reading instruction. Continue reading

Free Children Stories

With the idea of making original stories available to children all over the world at no cost, David Errico founded FCS. Children’s literature is not just another form of media, it’s a tool for helping children’s minds grow and develop. Continue reading


TumbleBooks offers talking, animated picture books for children and interactive e-books designed for middle and high school students. It is an ideal website for children who struggle with reading or who are visual and auditory learners. Check with your local library or school to see if they have a subscription that allows you to access the full range of books. Continue reading

Smarty Games Reading

Designed with elementary students in mind, Smarty Games offers simple, free learning games to help children develop their creativity, visualization, problem-solving and math skills. The site also features interesting facts, such as “Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?” These brain teasers and trivia facts encourage children to build their knowledge base and ask insightful questions. Continue reading

Story Place

A team of children’s librarians and specialists developed StoryPlace, an interactive website that provides kids a virtual experience of going to the library. Continue reading