Yahoo! Kids Music

With Yahoo! Kids Music, not only can you listen and watch videos of your favorite artists, but you can also read about them. Listed here are hundreds of artists, which are conveniently categorized from A-Z. Artists range from Sesame Street for the younger kids to Taylor Swift and Kidz Bop for older kids.

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Encyclopedia of Music

The Musica Viva Encyclopedia is a thorough music database, featuring thousands of links to all kinds of music websites. You can search for composers, musical terms, instruments and other topics related to music. Information is organized alphabetically and by category.

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Children’s Music Web

Parents, teachers and performers can visit Children’s Music Web to find resources for introducing children to different types of music. The website also offers resources for kids, including links to children’s radio stations and tips on making sound effects. Continue reading Music

Listen to hundreds of songs and watch videos of some of today’s most popular young artists. Music features Katy Perry, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Keke Palmer and a lot more. It also features a forum where older kids and teens can discuss the music they enjoy.

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Classics for Kids

Classical Music can be an exciting tool for teaching and engaging kids. Classics for Kids is here to help children learn by providing teachers and parents with activities and materials that use classical music. Listen to music together, browse lesson plans or go in-depth with different classical movements. Continue reading