This is THE place to find homeschooling resources. In fact, bills itself as “the #1 homeschooling community.” You will find the best tools and resources for implementing homeschooling. Continue reading

Homeschool World

The name of this page says it all. This site is an entire world dedicated to homeschooling. On this website for the popular Practical Homeschooling Magazine, you will find homeschool curriculum, forums to discuss homeschooling, articles about homeschooling and special events for homeschoolers. You can even request a free issue of the magazine to read up on more homeschooling issues and ideas. Continue reading

Homeschool Math

Homeschooled students need help with math too! is a complete math source site for homeschooling parents and teachers. It includes free math worksheets, lessons, online math games lists, e-books, a curriculum guide, reviews, and more. The creator of the site has also authored multiple math curriculum books that are available for purchase.

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Homeschooling Parent

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or not, this online magazine has tips, ideas and articles that are useful for any parent or teacher. Find book reviews, homeschooling products, family travel ideas and more to help your children become better learners and yourself become a better parent. Continue reading

Homeschoolin Mama

Meg is also a homeschooling mom and provides useful tips, homeschool curriculum and other resources. Homeschoolin Mama chronicles her experience with homeschooling and includes many of her personal goals and emotions. After all, many homeschool teachers are moms first and need to take time to improve and refresh themselves. Continue reading

Painfree Homework

Let Painfree Homework lend you a hand with homeschooling resources. Featured here is a list of the top 10 homeschooling websites and apps. These will help you find worksheets, tools and other resources to help you have a successful homeschooling experience. Continue reading

Let’s Homeschool

Everything you need to know about homeschooling you will find here. Created by homeschooling parents to help other homeschoolers, Let’s Homeschool provides other parents with information about homeschooling, such as laws, curriculum, standards and supplies. Find worksheets and resources to use as you homeschool or browse the site for field trip ideas and other things to do with your children. Continue reading

Homeschool Central

Homeschool Central will make your job as a homeschooler much easier. Resources are provided for nearly every subject area and on nearly every topic you can think of. Learn about curriculum, find software and other resources or join in on a discussion on the message boards. The goal of the website is to give you all you need when it comes to homeschooling. Continue reading