Fraction Monkey

Whether your child has problems learning fractions or not, this is a must get app! With the same principal as Angry Birds, Fraction Monkey will teach kids valuable math skills, specifically focusing on those tricky fractions. Kids will look at fractions in a new way after playing with this app.

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IXL Math Practice

Make math tangible with IXL Math Practice! Over 1,500 standards-aligned skills provide comprehensive coverage of K-6 math content, while hundreds of colorful awards celebrate important milestones. IXL’s interactive and diverse practice formats bring the joy of learning right to students’ fingertips.

Freddy’s Fractions

Get ready for a swim! — Help Freddy the turtle navigate underwater through fractions and submarines to find the hidden treasure off the coast of the island Decimalious. Can you make it through all 10 levels?  

Grover’s Number Special

Part of the Count with Sesame Series, this easy to play app will help young kids with readiness skills, including counting, number recognition, and object identification. Kids will enjoy interacting with their lovable waiter Grover as they hone their basic math skills. Continue reading