Math Magic

Why make math boring when it can be so much fun? Let your kids solve addition and subtraction problems in an interactive and colorful way. This app is intended for kids from ages 3 to 8 and allows you to choose the level of difficulty to fit your child’s abilities. Continue reading

Grover’s Number Special

Part of the Count with Sesame Series, this easy to play app will help young kids with readiness skills, including counting, number recognition, and object identification. Kids will enjoy interacting with their lovable waiter Grover as they hone their basic math skills. Continue reading

BrainPop Featured Movie

After watching a different animated movie each day, BrainPop will present kids with an interactive quiz to see what they have learned The movies contain subjects such as science, math, English, art & music and more. Continue reading

Math Bingo

iPads and iPhones are increasingly being used as educational tools. Take advantage of this app that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to kids in a very lively, cool way! The app combines the fun of bingo with the challenge of solving math problems to help kids learn. Continue reading

iHome Educator

iHomeEducator is a leading publisher of mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). The company has released the award winning iLive series and is now their growing iPlan series. Continue reading

Fishy Math

Fishy Math combines Pac-Man with mental math practice in a child-friendly environment. Players navigate a fish through a maze, trying to eat the bubble with the correct answer while avoiding the wrong answers and the pesky shark.  A fun and … Continue reading

Math Monkey

Educational Angry Birds? Yes! This app will help kids practice their math skills while playing a super fun game! Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other math skills with this fun math app. Continue reading

Fishy Spelling

Want to practice spelling in a fun and safe environment? This interactive learning game is perfect for kids 6 years and older.  Kids guide their fish through an exciting underwater world while improving their vocabulary skills.  Kids have so much … Continue reading