KidsDinos provides interactive games, timelines and other activities to help you learn about the creatures that inhabited the world ages ago. Vote for your favorite dinosaur and create a list of dinosaurs you want to learn more about to use as a study tool. Don’t let the dinosaur roars scare you away from this awesome dinosaur resource. Continue reading

Enchanted Learning – What is a Dinosaur?

From the evolution of dinosaurs to dino myths this site features in-depth information about nearly every type of dinosaur that has been discovered. Find coloring pages, information sheets, timelines and much more. You can also read up on extinction, fossils and the most recent dinosaur news. Continue reading

Dino Dictionary

You probably know about a stegosaurus and a T-Rex, but have you heard of a Nanotyrannus? Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs and learn about the over 300 known species of dinosaurs profiled in the Dino Dictionary.
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BBC Prehistoric Life

Witness life on ancient earth come to life with the BBC! Walk with recreated dinosaurs and explore the earth as it would have looked billions of years ago. This site will make you feel as if you were actually able to visit the Earth billions of years ago. Continue reading

Funschool Dinosaurs

Play games, make crafts and learn all about dinosaurs with this Funschool website. Take a dinosaur quiz to see if you are really a dino expert or if you need to browse the website and learn more about dinosaurs. With its animated games and cartoonish dinosaurs, this website is ideal for the younger dinosaur fans in your home. Continue reading

Meet the Dinosaurs

Mrs. Shaul’s 1st grade class have developed this site to share what they learned about dinosaurs with other kids. Read about some of the most popular dinosaurs. Get suggestions for books about dinosaurs to add to your collection. Find links to other dinosaur websites and lesson plans to use in the classroom. Continue reading