Nick Jr. Creativity Center

Nick Jr.’s Creativity Center is a paradise for creative children. Developing creativity is just as important as basic skills and this website gives children plenty of opportunities to use that creativity. From drawing games and sticker pictures to coloring pages and spin art, children will spend hours making their own creations. Continue reading


Nanoogo is an online platform for kids who like creative challenges, where they can also discover their talents and share their ideas with the world. It has simple, online interface that lets kids quickly create and submit their ideas.  Nanoogo offers … Continue reading

How to Draw and Paint

Have you always wanted to be able to draw or paint? Bob Davies has created a resource to teach you how to draw virtually anything. The website includes drawing, painting lessons, video lessons and tips and tricks to improve your artistic skills. Take a look at the visitor gallery to see what others have created. Continue reading


From your youngest children to your teenagers, KinderArt has something for children of all ages. The lesson plans and activities offered by KinderArt are designed to make teaching art easy. Choose from a variety of art projects, from traditional drawing and sculpting to art involving recycling and bulletin board projects. Continue reading

National Gallery of Art for Kids

Who says art can’t be created online? In this captivating site you can explore art, learn about art and even make your own art! Teachers and parents will find interesting activities and lessons to help further introduce children to the world of art. Continue reading

NeoK12 Arts & Crafts

3. NeoK12 Arts & Crafts – NeoK12’s philosophy is that kids learn best when they ‘see’ how things work, when they happen, where they happen and why they happen. To accomplish this, the site features a thorough catalog of educational videos, games and quizzes. Arts and crafts activities are also provided to help engage kids in more hands-on learning.
Continue reading

Google Art Project

Imagine stepping into one of the most splendid art museums in the world. You can do it through The Google Art Project, a virtual art museum. The Google Art Project contains thousands of famous works of art and provides detailed information about each one. It’s one of the best art and artist resources you will find on the internet and is available in 18 languages. Continue reading

A Pintura – Art Detective

A Pintura: Art Detective takes students through a case to discover clues about a piece of artwork. At each stage, students can choose from one of two steps to attempt to solve the case. Special resources are available to help teachers incorporate the mystery in their classrooms. Continue reading