National Wildlife Federation – Kids

Learn all about wildlife through this resource from the National Wildlife Federation. View a sample of articles found in the federation’s selection of magazines such as Ranger Rick and Big Backyard. Learn unique facts about animals and find crafts to create. Continue reading

All About Frogs – Frogland

Frogland was created in 1995 after the creator, Dorota, realized there was not a lot of information about frogs online. This is the website to visit if you love frogs. Learn weird and true facts about frogs and toads, learn about caring for frogs and check out the frog of the month.

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Animal Planet

If you want to know the latest about the animal kingdom than Animal Planet is the perfect place to visit. Featured here are games, quizzes, puzzles, arcade games and more. You can also check out clips from Animal Planet programming and other information about animals.

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