About Us



Best Kids Websites has been designed to provide parents, teachers and kids with reviews of the safest and highest quality sites for children. The websites curated by Best Kids Websites cover a wide range of educational and fun categories. In fact, we offer 25 categories featuring websites related to crafts, animals, math, music, parenting and much more.

Review Processes

All of the websites contained on Best Kids Websites go through an extensive review process. Each site is carefully moderated by teachers and other educators to ensure it offers the high quality content, activities and information for children, parents and educators. All sites are screened to ensure they are completely safe for children to access and enjoy.
Best Kids Websites is always looking for websites to add to our collection of high-quality resources for children, parents and educators. If you know of a website that should be included on Best Kids Websites, please submit it using the “Submit a Site” tab. Each submitted website will go through our extensive review process and may be the next great resource to join our site. Thank you for using BKW as your guide to the safest children’s content online.