It’s a familiar story – kids come home from school and want to spend their time playing Minecraft, hanging out on Club Penguin, or just checking out the latest website a friend told them about. While some of these may have educational components, they’re more about having fun. To help kids still have fun online and learn at the same time, start replacing some of the time they spend playing games and interacting in virtual worlds with some websites that offer fun, learning-focused games, activities, and videos.

Below are 12 Websites we recommend for your child that incorporate learning AND fun.

1. Whyville

Older kids and pre-teens can also interact with their friends through Whyville. Over 100 games cover topics such as biology, art, algebra, language arts, and programming. Monitored communication and clear rules and guidelines allow kids to safely communicate with their friends while they play games too.

2. Math Game Time

As the name suggests, it is a great place to find free math games that are not only fun for kids, but are safe for children of all ages. Math Game Time caters to pre-k to 7th grade kids and is well organized making it easy to use. Aside from math games, Math Game Time offers educational videos, math worksheets, multiplayer games and blog posts for parents on subjects like Helping Children Learn.

3. Arcademic Skill Builders

If kids want to interact with their friends when they get home, send them over to Arcademic Skill Builders. There kids can play multiplayer games while they brush up on their basic math and ELA skills. To stay safe, they can start private, password-protected games their friends can join.

4. FunBrain

While visiting FunBrain, kids can play games in the math and reading arcades, earning points and trying to beat their friends’ high scores. A special reading section also includes online versions of popular series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Galactic Hot Dogs. Kids can also make up their own silly stories with the interactive MadLibs games.

5. Coolmath Games

Suprisingly, Coolmath Games offers more than just math games. While kids will find arcade-style math games and interactive lessons, they will also find geography games, spelling games, science games, and a whole selection of games designed just for fun.

6. Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software’s learning games cover a range of subjects, including geography, health, animals, and nutrition, along with basic math and language arts games. Special sections also include games designed for younger kids in pre-school and kindergarten.

7. Wonderopolis

Wonderpolis simply helps spur kids’ curiosity. Every day, kids read about a new Wonder of the Day, and then take a quiz to test their knowledge. They can also review past wonders of the day.

8. Word Game Time

Like its sister site, Math Game Time, this is the perfect website for kids from kindergarten through 7th grade to practice their language arts skills. Word Game Time offers spelling games, grammar games, typing tools and puzzles. A couple of our favorite games are Word Frog and Spelling Bees.

9. Math Chimp

Math Chimp provides a fantastic selection of free online math games, worksheets and videos aligned to the Common Core.  Their content ranges from Kindergarten through 8th grade math games and is perfect for the home or the classroom.

10. Discovery Kids

Kids will find more than just science games and videos when they visit Discovery Kids. They’ll also learn unique facts, explore geography, and even learn some style and cooking tips.

11. KidsKnowIt

Rather than offering a single website, KidsKnowIt offers a series of websites and a kid-friendly search engine. Not only can kids learn through games related to science, math, and spelling, they can also watch educational videos and listen to educational songs to help them learn.

12. e-learning for Kids

e-learning for Kids has kids participate in mini courses designed to cover popular topics in math, science, health, language arts, and general life skills. Course are animated and interactive, so they feel more like games than learning opportunities.

You’ll find some of these websites and many more in Best Kids Websites’ General Learning category, giving kids plenty of opportunities to have fun online while learning at the same time.